Declare Kerala floods a national disaster: Popular Front appeals for nationwide support

The Central Secretariat meeting of Popular Front of India has demanded the central government to declare Kerala floods a national disaster and appealed to people all over the country to help their best in rebuilding the state.

The floods that have hit Kerala is worst in the last 100 years and the state is totally devastated by it. Though, rescue mission being carried out by the authorities, shoulder to shoulder with social political religious organizations, local groups and general public still continues, thousand are still feared stranded in their houses and buildings, with all communication lost with outside world, awaiting the rescuers to reach them. As per the initial reports, more than 350 people have lost their lives and more than 6.5 lakh people are in relief camps. The total loss has been estimated to be around 20,000 crore. However, the actual loss might be higher manifold. Across 13 districts, thousands of villages have been affected. Once the floods are over, even a bigger challenge awaits the people of the state with regard to rehabilitation and rebuilding of the lives.

Unfortunately central government response to the situation in the state is cold and apathetic. Relief fund declared is far from sufficient. It reflects the step motherly attitude the central government have been following towards the South Indian states. We demand the central government to declare the floods a national disaster and allot to the state an initial aid of minimum Rs. 2000 crore as demanded by state government. A timely and effective response of central and state governments would have greatly reduced the casualties and brought the situation under control much earlier.

The Central Secretariat meeting appreciated the exemplary involvement of Popular Front members and people of Kerala from different walks of life in relief and rehabilitation mission to bring the state back to normalcy. An amount of Rs. 25 lakh from the central fund of the organization has been donated to the “Kerala Flood Relief Fund” started by State Committee of the organization. Every member of the organization across the country will contribute their one day income to the fund. Also, Popular Front members across the country will approach public to collect funds for this relief mission. Central Secretariat meeting appealed to the people of the country in all states to earnestly support Popular Front’s Flood Relief mission.

Chairman E Abubacker presided over the meeting, which was also attended by General Secretary M Muhammed Ali Jinnah, OMA Salam, Anis Ahmed, Abul Wahid Sait, KM Shareef and E M Abdul Rahiman.

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