Advocates Meet reviews Muzaffarnagar Cases Acquittals

Muzaffarnagar (UP):-

A local group of advocates held a meeting today in Muzaffarnagar town with the delgation sent by Popular Front of India. The meeting reviewed the situation that led to acquittal of the accused in majority of Muzaffarnagar riot cases. The meeting cocluded with the decision to follow up the acquitted cases and the cases under trial. A seven member committee was constituted to monitor follow up works. The visiting delegation included Adv K P Mohammed Shareef (Treasurer, NCHRO) Adv Saiphan Shaikh (Gen Sec, NCHRO Maharashtra Chapter), Adv Ansar Indori (Gen Sec, NCHRO Delhi Chapter) along with Popular Front National Executive Council members E M Abdul Rahiman and Adv Mohammed Yusuf.