NWF National Committee held at Bangalore

Bangalore: The National Committee meeting of National Women’s Front was held in Bangalore on August 17, 2014. The meeting was convened to review the organization’s activities of the last 6 months.

It was observed that NWF has achieved considerable growth during the current term. The organization was very successful in new states like West Bengal, Rajasthan and Andhra Pradesh. The counseling project launched a year ago has received very good response from the society. Considering the positive response the NC decided to start counseling project in Goa and Andhra Pradesh. New campaigns and programs for the coming 6 months were discussed and will be launched in various states. The current national issues and problems related to Indian women were also discussed.

The National Committee passed the following resolutions:

1. Strongly condemn the Israeli brutality in Gaza

The atrocities carried out by Israeli forces in Gaza are one of the most heinous crimes the world has seen in recent times. The Israeli government has crossed all limits of brutality and has once again proved itself to be a terrorist state. The silence of the world especially the UN and the west has proved the dual standards prevailing in the world affairs. The most unfortunate event was the silence of the Indian government. NWF strongly condemns the irresponsible stand of the Indian government and demands the government to end all diplomatic ties with Israel.


2.Increasing number of rapes pose a serious threat to the country

The country has seen a steep increase in rape cases since a couple of years. Even after numerous protests against rape we still see that the Central and State government have failed miserably in protecting women from this threat. We also see a rise in rapes of dalit women in rural areas and also school kids. In few cases the inaction of police to promptly deal with the cases was also noticed. NWF demands the central and state governments to take immediate and stern steps to rectify the problems within the law and order machinery. We also demand immediate and strong punishment for the rapists.


3.Rise in communal violence has made the country insecure

After the general elections there have been numerous communal riots in the country. These communal riots have been fuelled by the communal fascist forces to polarize the society to make electoral gains. The central government has failed in controlling the hindutva groups who are spreading venom across the country. The government should realize its duty of protecting people belonging to all communities. NWF demands the government to take an impartial stand and immediately curtail the nuisance caused by the fascist groups and also take action against the hindutva groups and leaders who have incited communal riots in various states.


4.Price rise has become a serious burden on the poor

The present government at the centre had made huge promises of good days coming ahead but things have been opposite since they took office. Prices of daily commodities have touched the sky. The common people especially the economically backward population have suffered a lot due to the failure of the government to curb inflation. It is also very unfortunate to see that the government is still making blind promises and is showing no concrete measure to solve this problem. The national committee of NWF demands the central government to give this problem top priority and introduce required reforms to give relief to the poor masses.

The meeting was presided over by NWF National President Shahida Aslam. National Vice President Fatima Aleema, General Secretary Fareeda Ashraf, Secretary Shifa Coimbatore and other National Committee members were present in the meeting.

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