Stop army excesses in Kashmir: Popular Front

Popular Front of India National Executive Council meeting condemned the despicable
violence unleashed by Indian army on unarmed protesters in Kashmir. According to the
reports, more than thirty people have been killed, and hundreds have lost their eye
sight and sustained disfiguring injuries from lethal pellet firing, a new experiment with
cruelty. Many of the victims are children who have nothing to do with what is taking
place in the state. There is no justification for this bare violation of human rights. Army
feels impunity in the state to commit such atrocities on its own people because of the
protection they enjoy under draconian laws like APSPA. The meeting demanded ban on
the use of pellet guns on civilian protesters, repeal of AFSPA and bring to book all the
responsible offices involved in the recent killings and human rights violations in the
Express concern over the attempt to control Muslim speakers
In another resolution, the meeting expressed deep concern over the attempts to silence
Muslim speakers and Islamic scholars like Dr. Zakir Naik using the ploy of hate speeches.
The meeting also condemned the media demonization of Zakir Naik linking him with
terrorism. It is a reality that there are hate speakers like Praveen Thogadia and Sadhvi
Prachi who have been terrorizing the people on a daily basis by spewing filth and
inciting violence. If the BJP government stand against hate speeches is sincere, before
going after pacifist preachers like Zakir Naik, it is their own people who have to be
controlled. Otherwise, it can only be considered as part of anti minority agenda and
assault on the right to free speech. The meeting appealed people of India to resist any
such double standards.
Applauds people of Turkey for defeating coup
In another resolution, NEC applauded people of Turkey for defeating a yet another
shameful coup attempt by the army against a democratically elected government by
pushing them back to barracks. People of Turkey, who stood bare-chested before the
army tanks in defiance, to defend their democracy, have taught a great lesson to the
entire Middle East. It is a victory against the anti-democratic forces, within and outside,
that perpetuate instability and sectarianism in the region. The meeting expressed hope
that other Middle Eastern countries too follow the path to democracy, peace and
Demand western forces to leave Arab – Muslim lands
In another resolution, NEC meeting expressed shock on the massacre of people in Nice
in France. Such killings of ordinary people for whatever reasons cannot be justified. At
the same time such attacks are increasingly happening not only in relatively stable
European countries but in other parts of the world too. These acts of terror gives the
message that western countries cannot remain peaceful for long while contributing to
the instabilities and war in poor third world countries in distant parts. There can be no
solution without addressing this reality. NEC demand all western nations to pullout
their weapons and armies from other countries where they are illegally involved and
leave the fate of other countries and people to themselves.
Chairman KM Shareef preside the meeting, General Secretary Muhammed Muhammed Roshan, EM Abdul Rahman, Abdul Wahid Sait, M Abdul Samad A, lHi aJimnneae,d P N mMeoehtainmgm. ed, Khalid Rashadi and other National Executive members attended the meeting.

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