Statement issued by NCHRO & United Sikh Mission in the joint Press Conference at Hyderabad on 12th July 2014


National Confederation of Human Rights Organisations (NCHRO) and United Sikh Mission (USM) jointly conducted a press conference here on Saturday at Somajiguda Press Club in Hyderabad on the eve of Sikh-Muslim Peace Mission visiting Hyderabad.

Mohinderpal Singh, General Secretary, Shironmani Akhali Dal (Amritsar) Punjab and Prof. Nagari Babaiya, Chair Person, NCHRO along with the team members of Peace Mission addressed in the Press Conference.

He said, “In the early hours of 14th May 2014, some very unfortunate and disturbing incidents took place near Nishan Sahib situated in Arsh Mahal, a predominantly Muslim locality in Hyderabad. The Sikh brothers who had gone to light the Agarbattis near the Nishan Sahib, mistook that the flag near Nishan Sahib had been burnt and skirmishes developed between Sikhs and Muslims in which many Muslim dwellings and shops were destroyed.

It is shocking that all this happened in the presence of the police personnel. Angry Muslims were pelting stones in their defence, the police and BSF personnel suddenly opened fire directly on the Muslims. In the firing three persons died and five were injured.

There is enough evidence that the police were using unnecessary force against the Muslims. The elder brother of the deceased said that the police fired on the people from the distance of 2 to 4 feet directly while violent mobs were roaming freely around the locality with the daggers and swords. Reportedly the police fired 300 rounds and a man roaming in plain clothes was continuously firing with revolver. It is said that the locals believe that he was the henchman of the Hindutwa groups.

The clashes between Sikhs and Muslims in the historic city of Hyderabad have created an atmosphere of suspicion and hate. Both are beleaguered minorities in India and attempts to create disunity and disharmony among them are to be resisted sincerely and wisely. It may be noted that the perpetrators of 1984 anti-Sikh pogrom in Delhi and 2002 anti-Muslim pogrom in Gujarat still remain unpunished. Some of them are in power at the Centre or in states. There are instances of Hindutwa groups infiltrating various Sikh groups and poisoning the minds of youngsters in the name of nationalism and religion. In the long run such infiltration will weaken the Sikh identity and culture. Some elements in the Muslim community with ulterior political motives may also want to create an atmosphere of tension and distrust. Both are to be stopped.

Hence, NCHRO – National Confederation of Human Rights Organizations and UNITED SIKH MISSION thinks that it is duty bound as a bipartisan human rights platform to strive for restoration of peace and harmony between the communities. The message of peaceful coexistence is to be taken to grass roots level as the common people most often are the victims of riots engineered by higher ups with help of anti-social elements drawn from all communities.

The holy month of Ramadan is most ideal to establish bond of brotherhood in different sections of people and to remove the trust deficit among them.

So, NCHRO and United Sikh Mission had formed ‘A SIKH-MUSLIM PEACE MISSION’ with a team of activists, human rights defenders, religious, scholars and intellectuals drawn from various parts of the country to visit riot affected locality in the city. The delegation meets community leaders, priests, religious scholars and common people and participating in Ifthar parties.

Yours Sincerely
Harminder singh, President, Sikh Youth Form
Convenor, Peace Mission

Adv.A.Mohammed yusuff Secretary, NCHRO
Joint Convenor, Peace Mission

Peace Mission Team Members

1. Prof. Nagari Babaiya, Chair Person, NCHRO
2. Mohinderpal Singh, General Secretary, Shironmani Akhali Dal (Amritsar), Panjab
3. K.M. Shareef, Chairman, Popular Front of India
4. Mohan Singh, United Sikh Mission, Delhi
5. Adv. A. Mohamed Yusuff, Joint Convener – Peace Mission
6. Adv. Sharafuddin Ahamed, Allahabad High Court,UP& National Gen.Secretary SDPI
7. Mufthi Abdul Subhan, State President, Popular Front of India AP
8. Pushbinder Singh, Hyderabad
9. Adv. Saipan Sheikh, Pune
10. Md Arif Ahmed Gen.Secretary, Popular Front of India, A.P
11. Jaswinder Singh, Journalist, UK based Sikh Channel, Delhi
12. SP Singh, Journalist, UK based Sikh Channel, Delhi
13. savneet singh, UK based Sikh Channel, Delhi
14. syed Munawar, Hyderabad
15. Syed Gouse Qhadri , Hyderabad
16. Jaya Vindhyala, PUCL, Hyderabad
17. Lubna Sarwath, Rights Activist, Hyderabad
18. Sreenivas Rao, Activist,(Convenor, PADS), Hydeabad.
19. Md Abid, Peace Mission Coordinator, Hyderabad

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