Communal agenda behind the move for Uniform Civil Code: Popular Front

New Delhi: Popular Front of India Chairman KM Shareef in a statement said that the latest move by the BJP led central government for seeking Uniform Civil Code is part of the ongoing communal polarization being spearheaded by Hindutva forces ahead of UP elections. There has been an intensified attempt for communal polarization in the wake of assembly elections in and around the state lately. A number of minor and major attempts were recently reported. BJP MP Hukum Sigh’s false accusation of Hindus leaving Kairana out of fear of Muslims was one of such incidents. Fortunately, it was exposed by media preventing possible communal riots.

Uniform Civil Code is one of the political gimmicks just like Rama Janma Bhoomi issue played by the BJP for political benefits. Naturally, they only crop up during elections. This comes from a ruling party which has nothing to present to the people from the last two years of ruling the country. Such attempt by the government is to hide its failure in fulfilling the election promises. The last two years has seen the government failing on economy, foreign relations and internal affairs. Shareef also said that the over emphasis on uniform civil code while ignoring rest of the directive principles is also shows the electoral agenda behind it. There are many more serious issues before the country such as poverty, illiteracy, and communalism, atrocities on Dalits, women, and minorities and tribal which should be a priority for the government.

The proposed Uniform Civil Code is against the interest of the fundamental right to freedom of religion and minority rights guaranteed by the constitution. Popular Front demands that government should abandon the move to bring uniform civil code.

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