Popular Front Calls upon people to resist Hindutva attempts to push the country to civil war

The Central Secretariat meeting of Popular Front of India, in a statement, warned the people at large about the divisive campaign of the Sangh Parivar under the influence of its anti-Muslim, anti-Dalit philosophy. Though RSS and BJP may need such a situation to achieve their ultimate political goals, the growing atmosphere of Hindutva violence targeting Muslims and Dalits who constitute a major segment of the population would make India an insecure country for all groups, castes and communities.
In order to divert people’s anger and disillusionment with the failures of the government, Sangh Parivar forces are setting Indians against one another through its strident propaganda spiced with lies and half-truths. It wants to take back the country to pre-modern horrors like mob lynching of innocent Muslims and Dalits. They want to provoke the poor and the marginalized into violent reactions and reap the political rewards through polarization.
Meanwhile, lynching has become a threat to the lives of innocent Muslims or other people, perceived evil by the cultural standards of the mob. Within a couple of days, four such incidents were reported from Bihar and Jharkhand states. Any average Muslim can anytime be lynched to death over a simple accusation, right or wrong, connecting with beef or otherwise. According official reports, 23 Muslims and five from other communities lost their lives in the attacks in the name of beef and cow-protection and hundreds got injured ever since Modi came to power.
The secretariat meeting hailed the gestures of solidarity coming from different groups against such horrors. Thousands of people who chose take to the streets at various parts of the country and at some centers even outside the country against lynching is a warning to the agents of hate and death. At the same time, the fact that hundreds of people stood watching without offering any help while 16-year-old Junaid was being brutally slashed to death and not a single one of them came to testify against the criminals are indicative of the degree of fear instilled in the mind of people by the khaki-clad hoodlums. The meeting reminded the victims to stand up on their feet and defend themselves using all available legal means.
The meeting expressed disappointment over the failure of the opposition to take any steps to stop the savagery of cow-protection gangs and to alleviate the extreme insecurity of minorities. The opposition parties as well as the secular society must know that the consequences of behind the screen plans of RSS and BJP will at the end of the day will destroy the country and make it into a land of fear and desolation. If we allow these fanatics to push people into such large scale conflicts and leave the victims unprotected in the face of these onslaughts, it might lead to an all-out civil war, bringing about great suffering and destruction. Chairman E. Abubacker presided over the meeting.

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