Stop Killing Muslims: Eid message of Popular Front chairman E Abubacker

Popular Front Chairman E Abubacker, in a statement issued on the eve of Eid-ul-Fitr, conveyed warm greetings to all and prayed for the innocent Indian Muslims who were killed because of their faith by fanatic goons recently in some parts of the country.

E Abubacker has strongly condemned the growing atrocities of Hindutwa lynch mobs and hate crimes against Muslim community across the country. He expressed deep anguish over the brutal attack on innocent Muslims youths in which 15-year-old Junaid from Haryana lost his life. Reportedly, while Junaid and his brothers were attacked on the train in broad daylight, the railway did not come to their rescue. Also there is report of shooting at a Masjid imam in UP within this week. In West Bengal too three Muslim men were beaten to death in the name of beef. This Hindutwa madness has reached a point that they don’t even spare children. Government inaction and official negligence amounts to silent approval to these atrocities and giving way to more and more such incidents. It is foolish to expect that our country can progress and remain peaceful while keeping a large section of its people in extreme insecurity. Sooner we realize it the better. He called on the authorities to provide security to the citizens from this organized violence. So long as democracy prevails in this country, the security of a particular section cannot be left out as the sole responsibility of the concerned.
It is high time that people come out to stop this savagery. E Abubacker asserted the need of people’s resistance against the increasing onslaughts by communal fascist goons. He hoped that all influential elements in the Muslim community, by carrying forward the spirit of struggles and sacrifices conceived in the past one month of fasting, will put their collective efforts to end the atrocities inflicted only because of their faith upon the weak among them.

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