End the ethnic cleansing of Rohingyas in Burma: Popular Front

New Delhi: Popular Front chairman KM Shareef in his latest statement condemned the atrocities against Rohingya and Kaman Muslim communities in Arakan state in Myanmar. Myanmar has been tyrannical to its minorities especially to its Muslim citizens since past many decades through various oppressive measures. Since 2012 the anti-Muslim atrocities in the country, including hard labour comparable to slavery, forceful deportation and massacres of innocent women and children, have amounted to ethnic cleansing to eliminate Muslims from the country. Budhist Monks like Ashin Virathu are instigating mobs to wipe out an entire population called Rohingyas who have been living in the country since centuries.
Even disheartening is the unsympathetic way that the neighbouring countries treated the hapless Rohingyan refugees including women and children who fled on boats for their lives. They had to wander for days on the high seas because no country was ready to take them.
He said that the silence of the people like Aung San Suu Kyi who is admired worldwide as the champion of democracy on the issue is appalling. He welcomed the statement of Dalai Lama which asked to Suu Kyi to speak out against the persecution.
KM Shareef requested the neighbouring countries and international agencies to immediately open borders to Rohingya asylum seekers, provide them with at least temporary protection and ensure that they have adequate food, shelter, and protection. They should stop pushing the stateless people back which is equal to mass murder. He also urged governments to check the criminal organizations that exploit the situation for large scale human trafficking.
He appealed to the international community to press the Burmese government to end human rights violations and discriminatory policies to include Rohingya Muslims with respect to citizenship, and to prosecute the violent racist elements in the country.

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