Egyptian verdict proof of army misuse of judiciary: Popular Front

New Delhi: Popular Front Chiarman KM Shareef condemned Egyptian mass death sentence against more than 120 democratic protesters including former president Muhammed Morsy and prominent Islamic Scholar Yusuful Qaradavi. He said that not only that the charges against them, the involvement in the “Grand Espionage” and “Prisons Break”, are fabricated but also the entire judicial process was sham and a mockery of justice.
The state of affairs in Egypt since July 2013 when the first democratically elected Arab ruler Mohammed Morsy was toppled through a meticulously planned and executed coup has amounted to a “counter revolution”, the reversal of the democratic transition of the region, which was celebrated as “Arab Spring” across the region. Since then mass death sentences on weak evidence have been the mark of the current military regime.
Current verdict is the proof that how Egyptian judiciary has become mere tool in this political vendetta by the army. All the standards of judicial process have been violated. It is noteworthy that international groups like Amnesty international have come forward against the way army is dealing with the democratic protesters. The silence of the western countries and their Arab counter parts ,who have been funding army dictators for decades, over the developments shows what kind of political system they desire for the region.
Popular Front while expressing its solidarity with the democratic voices in Egypt, called upon the international community to voice against the burial of democracy.

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