Popular Front Condemns Bodo Masscre of Muslims

New Delhi: Popular Front General Secretary O M A Salam in his statement harshly condemned the inhuman killings of innocent Muslims by Bodo Militants yesterday in Kokrajar and Baksa of Assam.

By this attack Militants are giving the message that they would go to any extent of violence to achieve their evil design. He also blamed the state government’s culpability for the continued violence in the state. Government is not taking any effective measures to disarm India’s most dangerous separatist militias who posses highly sophisticated weaponry and is functioning unopposed.

He also criticized the accusation by the militants and a section of media that all the victims were migrant Muslims. Such unwarranted accusation will only mislead general public and indirectly justify the sporadic killings.

It is to be noted that between 1997 and 2011 the foreign tribunal courts of Assam disposed 83,471 cases of accused migrants in which 77,874 cases were declared as genuine Indian citizens which is the 93.4 %. Only 6.6% who were unable to produce their proof for Indian citizenship because all their possessions including documents had been destroyed by the Bodo Militants in similar attacks were declared as migrants.

Popular Front of India appeals the Union Government and the state government to take immediate steps to permanently settle the issue of Migrants on legal grounds immediately disarm the antinational elements of BTAD and provide adequate security to the lives of Indian citizens.

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