Defeat communal and anti-people forces: Popular Front

The Central Secretariat meeting of Popular Front of India held at Calicut urged people of Kerala and Tamil Nadu to vote against parties and alliances that are communal and anti-people. While BJP poses threats to secular system and peaceful co-existence of diverse religious and cultural traditions, the leading secular parties and fronts fighting each other in both states are immersed in dirty waters of corruption.

Major political fronts in Kerala and Tamil Nadu have failed to consolidate the positive polarization taking place in the country against fascist and fanatic forces.
Their competing cries for support of minorities in the name of defeating BJP are only election gimmicks. It is strange that Congress and CPI (M) which jointly fight to oust Mamta Banerjee cannot repeat the same strategy in Kerala against their worst enemy BJP. If BJP wins any seat in Kerala and Tamil Nadu in this election, it will not be because of the division of minority votes, but due to the unprincipled electoral strategy of so called secular fronts.

The Central Secretariat has extended support to the candidates fielded by SDPI and its allies in the coming Assembly elections.

The meeting expressed concerns about the heat waves and consequent droughts across the country. It is an occasion of serious introspection for all of us that how our greed and mindless exploitation of nature results in calamitous climatic changes. In situations like this, people should come forward to extend all possible support to each other. The meeting appealed to Popular Front members and units to volunteer relief activities especially by bringing drinking waters to the people suffering from server water shortage.

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