Declaration of Popular Front Bihar state committee

Popular Front of India declares the organization in Bihar during a conference organized on the subject Democracy and Minority rights in Rajendra stadium, Katihar, Bihar on April 11, 2015. National and state level leaders with Chairman K.M. Shareef attended the meeting. More than 10000 people including 3000 women from the various sections of minorities and backward classes have attended the conference.

Chairman K.M Shareef delivered a valuable speech on current situation in India .He also mentioned that since Independence after 67years , the situation of minority and other backward classes remain backward. Human rights have been violated by the state. They are trying to terminate democracy and secularism.

In his speech he explained about the aim and objectives of Popular Front of India. He said, Popular Front of India is a neo social movement and we are struggling to make a new India where every citizens can enjoy equal rights of Justice Freedom and Security.

Popular Front of India is working for the Total Empowerment of minorities and backward classes in every field like social economical,political, cultural and educational.
To fulfill our dream, all sections of minority communities including jain, shiks, Parsi ,Christian and Muslims and backward classes like dalits ,adivasis should be stand united to fight for Democracy and Secularism.If we do so we will be majority group in India.

Leaders from various political parties and social activists including Khalid Rashaidi ,National Treasurer of Popular Front of India,
Mohamed Shafee ,National Working Committe member of Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) ,
Arun Kumar Kaswa,Senior Advocate of Patna High court
Raghuni Ram Shastri,General.Secretary of Shosit Samaj Dal
Dr. Yunus ansari,President,SDPI, Bihar
Usman beig rashaidi,National President of All India Imam’s Council (AIIC) has delivered their speech at the program.
Finally National chairman of Popular Front of India declared the organization in Bihar state and handed over the flag of Popular Front of India to Usman gani sahab, the convener of Popular front of india, Bihar state.

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