Popular Front of India condemns the brutal lynching of Muslim cattle traders in Jharkhand

: Popular Front of India chairman KM Shareef in a statement issued today strongly condemned the brutal lynching of Muslim cattle traders in Balumath, Latehar district of Jharkhand.
It is deeply saddening that one of the victims of the despicable mob crime is a 13 year-old-boy. They were on their way to a market with a herd of buffaloes when they were beaten to death and hanged from a tree. We have not yet recovered from the shock of Dadri lynching a few months back for the same reason.
This is not the first time Muslim cattle traders being attacked in the state. These criminals must be encouraged by the anti-minority sentiment being created by hates speeches and communal campaigns of fanatic forces.
All the criminals and their supporters behind the incident must be exposed and brought to book. The state government must provide security to the lives and livelihood of the poor cattle traders and take stringent measures against those who incite such madness.

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