Suspension of Maharashtra MLA unconstitutional: Popular Front

New Delhi: Popular Front of India Chairman KM Shareef in a statement questioned the suspension of Maharashtra MLA Waris Pathan for refusing to chant the slogan Bharat Mata ki jai calling the decision irrational and unconstitutional.
It is reported that BJP, the Shiv Sena, the Congress and the NCP MLAs asked for Waris Pathan’s suspension. This kind of cultural fascism has never been heard in the past. When patriotism is judged on the basis of some emotional slogans that has exclusivist religious connotations, it not only goes against the secular values and religious freedom enshrined in our constitution but also makes it easy for the jingoistic elements to present a large section of citizens as anti-nationals. As people’s representatives, they need to have more democratic and pluralistic understanding of patriotism which is not based on any religion or culture.
Shareef demanded that the decision be withdrawn immediately and stiff action taken against the members of Maharashtra Legislative Assembly.

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