Popular Front deplores Dimapur lynching incident

Guwahati: Popular Front Northeast Zone president Muhammad Khalid Rashadi has deplored the heinous lynching of a Bengali speaking man from Assam Syed Sarif Uddin Khan by angry Naga mob in Dimapur in Nagaland. It is shocking to learn that the state government did nothing to stop 5,000-strong mob while they broke into the Central prison in Dimapur, where Syed Sarif Uddin Khan was in judicial custody on rape charges, paraded him naked through the town, beat him to death and hung his body from a clock tower. Khalid pointed out that this is another example of the lawlessness prevalent in the region in which state government and central government seem to be primarily culpable because this happened the despite the presence army in the state.

Also it turns out that Sarif Uddin Khan was not a Bangladeshi immigrant but a Bengali speaking Indian Muslim who had his multiple brothers working in Indian army. He is said to be a respected business man from Karimganj district of Assam and his relatives allege that the case against him is fabricated.

Obviously what worked here is the racial hatred and suspicion being fed since long by various groups with communal or racial agendas in the region under pretext of Bangladeshi Immigration. Muslims in North eastern states are the victims of this propaganda. Once this allegation is raised against a Bengali speaking Muslim, any inhuman act against him/her is justified. Unfortunately some sections of our mainstream media are also catering to this trend.

Khalid demanded the resignation the Nagaland chief minister taking the responsibly of this failure of law and order in the state and CBI inquiry into the incident. He also demanded the central government to ensure the security of Muslims in Dimapur and elsewhere in Nagaland.
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