National Unity Movement demands religious unity

The National Unity Movement held a demonstration at Chennai on February 28 and stressed that people should not be divided on religious line. The National Unity Movement was recently formed by the Hindu, Muslim and Christian organizations. The Christian organizations were represented by Inigo Irudayaraj, the Hindu organizations by G. Muthu Krishnan and the Muslim organizations by A.K.Mohamed Haneefa.

“The events like Gar Vapsi and the attack on minorities have led to such demonstrations. The majority of the Hindus are against Hindutuva” said G. Muthu Krishnan. A.K. Mohamed Haneefa noted that the minorities are threatened under the present Central Government. Certain vested interest groups create unnecessary problems like keeping the idols of Vinayagar in front of Masjids.

“The attack on churches and Masjids is increasing. Action should be taken against those who disturb the religious harmony” said Inigo Irudayaraj. Popular Front of India’s State General Secretary Mohamed Sheik Ansari participated in this demonstration and stressed the need for religious harmony. He also pointed out the nefarious designs of the Hindutuva organizations.

Hundreds of people belonging to different faith participated in this demonstration and voiced their concern against the division of people on religious line.

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