Minorities deplore the poor representation in the judiciary: Popular Front

The Chennai High Court has revealed the proposed list of judges to be appointed in the year 2015. The judges from the Muslim and other minority communities did not find a place in the list. The State Secretariat of Popular Front of India has deplored this situation. The State Secretariat was held at Chennai on February 9 at Chennai.

The judiciary is the important pillar of democracy. The judiciary works as the watchdog of the bureaucrats and administration. Such a judiciary should have the due representation of all the classes.

The honourable Chief Justice of the High Court and the collegium are taking steps to fill the vacant positions. Still, there is not even a single Muslim in the proposed list of nine judges. There were three Muslim judges in 2012 and now after the retirement of honourable judge G.M.Akbar, the number of Muslim judges has come to zero.

The judges of the High Court conducted protest demonstrations condemning the 2014 proposed list in which no representation was given to certain communities while excess representation was given to certain communities. Senior advocate R. Gandhi filed a writ petition in this issue.

The High Court stayed the proposed list and said that due representation should be given to all the communities. But, the present proposed list did not have the name of a single Muslim judge. It should be remembered that the proposed list submitted in 2014 had the name of three Muslims and one Christian. But all these names were not included in the 2015 list.

The Muslim community that constitute six percent of the State population does not have any representative in the High Court. It should also be remembered that senior advocate Ajmal Khan’s name was removed from the 2011 list without any valid reason. His name was not included because of the conspiracy of certain vested interest groups, which feared if nominated to High Court, Ajmal Khan would be elevated to the post of Supreme Court Chief Justice in the future.

Hence, Popular Front of India requests the Chief Justice of High Court and the Collegium should review the list and include the name of atleast two Muslim advocates in the 2015 list. If due representation is not given, the Muslim community has no other option but to protest against this injustice. We request not to push the Muslim community to take a campaign that the judiciary is being saffronized.

Mohideen Abdul Kader

State Secretary

Popular Front of India

Tamil nadu

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