Attack on JNU students is a cowardly act by the fascist forces

New Delhi: Popular Front of India, Vice Chairman OMA Salam has strongly condemned the brutal attack on the students and faculties of JNU by the ABVP goons. Though the attacks were executed by the ABVP the mastermind behind these attacks is RSS. He stated that this attack is a new low in Indian political scenario where dissent is brutally suppressed. Since the BJP came to power in 2014 the JNU has been specifically targeted by the government. This is not a mere coincidence but a planned execution of a strategy to demonize and then suppress the democratic culture that is nurtured in the universities like JNU.
The fascist forces led by the RSS have always been intolerant towards the students, activists and organizations who are critical of the fascist ideology. Today’s attack on JNU students has exposed the fascists forces as believers and promoters of violence. The country is witnessing a worst period of fascist onslaught. Whether it be the attacks on the anti-CAA protesters in Jamia and AMU or the brutal killing of protestors through police firing in UP, Assam and Karnataka, the violent nature of Hindutva fascism and the ruling dispensation has become evident.
Popular Front of India stands in solidarity with the students of JNU and calls upon the civil society to stand by the student fraternity which is continuously under stress. We firmly believe that such cowardly acts of violence do not break the resolve of the democratic voices but instead further consolidates their belief to struggle for the protection of democratic rights.