Stop Police atrocities against Muslim democratic protests: Popular Front

New Delhi ll 11 June 2022

Stop Police atrocities against Muslim democratic protests: Popular Front

Popular Front of India National Secretary Muhammed Shakif  has, in a statement, condemned the police firing and killing of innocent Muslims who were protesting against the derogatory remarks made by top BJP officials on Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). In Ranchi, Jharkhand, the police in the name of dispersing protestors, straight resorted to firing instead of using tear gas or water cannons resulting in the death of two minors. Reports say at least 15 others are struggling with severe bullet injuries.

This Friday, Muslims across the country had come out in protest demanding the arrest of the slanderers belonging to the BJP and the protests were all peaceful. The casualties during the protest were the result of an arbitrary crackdown by the police and so there should be an impartial investigation into the incidents of firings against unarmed protestors. There were also reports of Hindutva mobs pelting stones at peaceful protestors in Ranchi. Apart from this the relatives of one of the boys who was killed in the firing in Ranchi have raised doubts on whether the fatal bullet was fired from the hindutva groups or by the police. The Jharkhand being a non-BJP ruled state, it should also be investigated whether the Hindutva miscreants were purposefully creating problems.

The state administrations in these states have failed to keep the police in check. The Hindutva elements in the region were given a free rein in the protest sites to take advantage of the situation. It is highly deplorable to see the state machinery and the Hindutva elements working hand in hand to prevent Muslims from exercising their democratic right to protest. Apart from these police brutalities, the bulldozer roll-outs by BJP-ruled states like UP to the houses of the protestors clearly reveal the Hindutva intentions of keeping Muslims silent even in grave issues concerning their dignified existence. Police crackdown as a punishment for dissent is nothing but a gross violation of fundamental rights.

Popular Front appeals to the courts of the country to immediately intervene to keep the state governments and law enforcement agencies in check. The government should expedite legal actions against those who made abusive comments against the Prophet. Popular Front also demands legal action on the Police officials who are responsible for ordering the firing which led to the death.

Director, Media and PR,
Popular Front Headquarters, New Delhi.