Stop killing civilians in the name of insurgency: Popular Front

Press Release | 06 December 2021 – New Delhi

Popular Front of India Chairman O.M.A Salam has in a statement termed the killing of civilians by the 21 Para Special Forces of Army in Nagaland, a horrific incident that yet again proved human lives have no value left under the BJP rule.

The villagers killed were all daily wage labourers returning home in a truck during the weekend from their work at a coal mine to spend Sunday with family. 

The state police in its FIR alleges that the Army had blankly opened fire and further indicts that the “intention” of security forces was to “murder and injure civilians”. The complete lawlessness, the impunity enjoyed by the armed forces and the excessive use of power is alarming, he noted.

The BJP government and Amit Shah as Home Minister despite their recent verbal assurances and claims of establishing peace and stability in the North-East region have proven themselves to be a big failure in imparting the same.

The Home Minister and Defence Minister can’t get away from the responsibility of these cold blood murders by merely expressing their anguish. There should be a thorough probe into the incident and the victims should be ensured justice, said Mr Salam. The North-East states have a prolonged history of atrocities by the army and paramilitary groups under the garb of laws like AFSPA.

It is high time such laws are scrapped as it violates and dehumanises innocent citizens. We extend our condolences to the families and express our solidarity to the people of North-East in their struggle against draconian laws like AFSPA, he added. 


Director, Media and PR – Popular Front of India Headquarters, New Delhi