India’s GDP contraction result of policy blunders: Popular Front

A resolution passed by the National Executive Council of Popular Front of India observed that the crash of India’s GDP to -23% was mainly the result of policy blunders committed by Modi government for the past 6 years.

There were all the signs of our economy falling apart. It continued to drop for the 8 consecutive quarters. Except for the past two quarters, Corona lockdown cannot account for the situation. The country is paying the price for the anti-people and absurd economic policies that have been adopted since PM Modi came to power, like demonetization and poorly executed GST.  The insufficiently thought out and poorly executed Corona lockdown was just another blow to the already shrinking economy and widening unemployment. Other than hollow packages and manipulating data, nothing is being done to address the situation. Instead what the government is doing is to turn people’s attention away from key issues concerning their everyday lives and keep them constantly hooked in religious hostilities and hatred towards the minorities.

NEC of Popular Front urges the central government to take realistic steps to improve the lives of common citizen and to provide employment to the masses.
Police in Delhi and other BJP ruled states are abusing their power to serve the political interests of their masters in power. Multiple fact finding reports including that of Amnesty International India have pointed out how Delhi police failed to prevent the violence, committed human rights violations,  and were biased towards Muslims during the violence in North East Delhi. After the riots police continue to harass innocents, threaten the victims for pursuing legal remedies and even fabricating cases against lawyers for providing legal aid to the victims. UP continue to illegally arrest innocent Muslim youths on false grounds and harass their families. Many innocents were taken to custody before August 5 Bhumi Puja, some were arrested and subjected to custodial torture and abuse. Muslim organizations are being unjustly vilified and their leaders, members are being ostracized and harassed with fabricated cases. Popular Front calls upon the human rights defenders and civil society to voice against this police high-handedness in BJP ruled states.

In another resolution, NEC of Popular Front called on the central government to restore democratic rights of Kashmiri people.
The lockdown imposed on Kashmiri people turned one year. It was a decision against democratic values and violated the constitutional guarantees given to Kashmiri people. The lockdown only made an already bad situation worse. Meanwhile human rights violations are on the rise in the valley. The attack on Muharram Day processions reportedly injured nearly a thousand people. The Central government’s Kashmir policy has turned out to be a complete failure. Lasting peace and stability cannot be achieved through use of force and denial of rights. Only by respecting the democratic rights of Kashmiri people there can be a peaceful resolution to the situation. NEC of Popular Front calls upon the central government to end the inhuman lockdown and restore the democratic rights of Kashmiri people.