Babri Masjid Demolition Case Verdict:  A Shameful Act, A Challenge to the idea of India: Popular Front

Popular Front of India chairman O M A Salam has termed the special CBI court verdict in Babri Masjid demolition case shameful to the people in the country and a challenge to the very idea of India as a secular nation with an independent judiciary. The verdict makes mockery of the justice delivery system by declaring that no conspiracy happened for demolishing the Masjid, that the top leaders tried only to prevent the mob and that those who climbed the tomb and destroyed Masjid were only miscreants as if all of them were without any identity.  The judgement pronounced by  CBI court judge  S K Yadav after 28 years of the heinous act of collective crime that happened in daylight in media limelight proved so deaf and dumb to acquit all 32 accused criminals like LK Advani, Murli  Manohar Joshi and others stating no enough evidence at all against them. The judgment has also ignored the findings of the Liberhan Commission report which had pointed 68 Sangh Parivar leaders as the key accused.

O M A Salam further stated that the CBI court has manufactured a political verdict which is not based on facts and evidences as it should have been in a criminal case.  Following the 2019 Nov 9 Supreme Court judgment facilitating the temple construction on the demolished Babri Masjid site against its own observation that demolition was a criminal act, this biased verdict is not totally unexpected. The larger issue before the country is the complete dominance and control of the BJP led central government on independent agencies. Many instances in the past 6 years have brought to light the attack on the independence of central agencies.

In fact, the emotions of Muslims and all justice seeking people of India had been emptied on the day of Supreme Court judgment itself.  Yet, this day will also be remembered as another black day in the history of India. On behalf of Popular Front of India, chairman O M A Salam has called upon the people not to loose spirit at times of repeated setbacks and to remain steadfast in struggles for restoration of justice and peace by all available means.