Crackdown on Amnesty International to cover up human rights violations: Popular Front

Popular Front of India Chairman O M A Salam, in a statement, has said that the crackdown Amnesty International was part of the attempt to cover up ongoing human rights violations in the country.

Modi government has been highly intolerant towards independent organizations, watchdogs and Individuals who question the policies of the government. It is a sad and unfortunate that Amnesty International has informed it is halting its operations in the country. Its bank accounts have been frozen and it’s been forced to stop all its activities and campaigns in the country. The organization is being harassed by authorities due to the work it has done in the country and uncompromising stand it has taken with regards to the violations of human rights. It played a pivotal role in highlighting internationally the human right violations being committed by Modi government against minorities and political opponents. It has exposed the criminal complicity of Delhi police in the North East Delhi violence and questioned the inhuman lockdown in force in Jammu and Kashmir since past one year. This government complete silence on its actions and obedient media here has no problem with following the dictates of Modi. But those who value freedom justice and human rights cannot allow that. All democratic forces in the country should give up their silence and voice against this.