Farm bills will worsen the plight of farmers, result in mass unemployment: Popular Front

A resolution passed by the National Executive Council meeting of Popular Front of India has stated that the Farm Bills passed by the parliament are going to worsen the plight of farmers.

The reforms being brought into force through three bills will have huge impact on the lives of large section of the population in a country where more than half of Indian population depend on agriculture for their living. Yet the bills were never placed before the farmer community, nor were any consultations done with their leaders. It is just another instance of Modi government using Corona as an excuse to implement its dictatorial steps. At a time when country’s farmers are in dire need for more government support and protection for their survival, the bills signal the withdrawal of the meagre support they were getting. With the end of APMCs and government imposed Minimum Support Price, farmers will now be left to struggle on their own with the corporate giants to get fair price for their produce. It’s certain that these reforms are going to result in mass unemployment. Only the corporates and big businesses will benefit from it. Modi government has successfully managed to destroy our economy through absurd reforms like demonetization and GST, which were advertised as big milestones. It will take decades for the nation to recover from their impacts. Popular Front urges Centre to withdraw the bills that can have devastating effects on agriculture and lives of farmers.

Modi government’s deceptive ways to pass bills a threat to democracy

The way the farm bills were passed Rajya Sabha in a hurried and deceptive manner despite strong protests from farmers across the country, opposition parties and even NDA alliance parties is a blow to Indian democracy. The ruling alliance doesn’t have an absolute majority in Rajya Sabha. The opposition rightfully demanded for division of votes or to send the two bills to a select committee. Yet the deputy Chairperson decided to go for voice vote. The audio telecast of the live proceedings was muted, cutting off viewers from what members of Parliament were saying. All these show BJP’s disregard for democratic values and the deceptive methods adopted by Modi government to fulfil its objectives.

Stop misuse of central investigation agencies against political rivals

In another resolution, the meeting demanded the Centre to end the misuse of investigation agencies to silence political rivals.

In the name of probing national security issues and financial crimes, central investigation agencies, NIA, ED and CBI, are serving the political interest of the BJP. Opposition leaders individuals, groups opposed to BJP are being targeted through politically motivated instigations. Non BJP states like Kerala and West Bengal are being portrayed as hubs of terrorism. It is noteworthy here that NIA had already been accused of being biased against Muslim community and helping Hindutva terrorists walk out of jail in Samjhautha Express, Malegaon, and Ajmer Darga blast cases, in which hundreds of innocents were killed. Such misuses of government agencies will ultimately lead destroy people’s faith in democratic institutions and weaken rule of law.

Uttar Pradesh Special Security Force will cater to ongoing repression of democratic rights in the state

In another resolution, the NEC of Popular Front expressed deep concern over the Uttar Pradesh Government decision to set up a special security force in the state that is empowered to search and arrest anyone without warrants of magistrate’s order. The decision will cater to ongoing police atrocities and state vendetta against political opponents. In a state where human rights violations, fake encounter killings, illegal arrests and misuse of draconian laws like NSA and UAPA against innocents are rampant, such a force is going to be yet another tool for the repression of civil rights. Popular Front called upon the civil society to raise their voice against the decision.