Secular parties should abandon silence on the forces of genocide: Popular Front

Press Release | New Delhi – 31 December 2021

The National Executive Council (NEC) meeting of the Popular Front of India has called on the secular parties to abandon their silence on the calls for genocide delivered at the Hindutva event in Haridwar.

A resolution passed by the NEC of Popular Front said that the mainstream secular parties have long forgotten their duty to the nation to protect its constitution and secular values. Other than a small section of social activists and human rights groups, few in the country spoke against the hate event that literally and unambiguously called for clearing the country of Muslims.

During elections, these parties approach Muslims and other minorities of the country offering security from communal fascism. Yet they are now acting like mute spectators while the country is witnessing an unprecedented rise in violence and threats of genocide against minorities. This is not just a betrayal of the people who have voted for them, but also of the very ideals they claim to commit to.

The NEC of Popular Front pointed out that if they continue to fail in delivering their duty to the nation and the people, soon they will lose their political relevance. NEC calls upon the secular parties in the country to abandon their silence and act against the forces of genocide.

In another resolution, the NEC of Popular Front expressed deep concern over the increasing violence on the Christian minority by Right-Wing Hindutva forces.

According to reports, in this year alone, the country witnessed more than 300 incidents of violence against Christian believers and congregations. Repressive government measures in BJP ruled states against the community’s humanitarian and educational institutions in the name of conversion are in effect encouraging such violence. 

The blocking of the foreign funds and denial of the license to Christian charities are going to have devastating effects on the patients and poor people who depend on such initiatives for their survival. Rather than just temporary street corner rallies and protests, the situation demands consistent, united efforts among victimized sections to defeat the persecution. Popular Front hopes that a united democratic struggle for their constitutional rights emerges from the victims.

In another resolution, the NEC expressed its apprehensions over the government’s lack of preparedness in tackling the upcoming third wave, as the country is now recording a coronavirus surge.

The country has paid a heavy price for the criminal negligence shown by the government during the second wave of the Covid pandemic, recalled the resolution. Prakash Javadekar, the union minister, had in May 2021 assured that the country will be completely vaccinated by December 2021. Unfortunately, as of 30 December, more than 10 percentage of the total population hasn’t even received their first dose and only 64% of the adult population is fully vaccinated. The health ministry has now gone silent about the 100% vaccine target and in this crucial juncture amid fears of a third wave, the weekly vaccinations have slowed down drastically, according to India’s vaccine dashboard – CoWin.

There should be swift actions anticipating the worst or else the Narendra Modi government’s PR posturing that gives out an “all is well” feel will be of no help, warned the resolution.

We call upon the people of the country to follow all covid protocols and raise their voices to push the government into action. Citizens should stay alert about the government’s approach of giving out optimistic notes, which could put the public into a false sense of confidence and make them underestimate the third wave threat.

The government should stay prepared by acting wisely and promptly and should not be oscillating between complacency and fear.