SC observations proof of misuse of ED: Popular Front

Press Release | 16 December 2021 – New Delhi

Popular Front of India Chairman O M A Salam has in a statement said that the apex court stand against Enforcement Directorate (ED) in two different cases are proof of the misuse of the agency by those in power.

Recently the Supreme Court had ordered not to take any coercive action against The Quint founder Raghav Bahl thus providing him interim protection in a money laundering case. In another case, the SC had harshly criticised the indiscriminate use of ED under the Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA) even for petty cases.

Both the cases point to a highly disturbing trend in the country. The PMLA has become like UAPA, a tool by the BJP government to harass political opponents and silencing dissent.

What ED does in the name of investigation is nothing but terrorising and demonizing Modi’s critiques and Muslim organizations.

Meanwhile, we do not see even a fraction of the enthusiasm by the agency to investigate scams and accusations of black money dealing by BJP leaders and Modi’s cronies. It was last year BJP Kerala state leaders got entangled in a black money case to the tune of 400 crores. Strangely, the case vanished in thin air within weeks. All these have seriously damaged the credibility of the agency.

The blatant misuse of the powers conferred on the agency under the PMLA act is literally a threat to democratic rights of the citizens. In the light of the above observation by the Supreme Court, Popular Front calls upon the higher judiciary to scrap the law or amend the law to put an end to the misuse.

Director Media and PR – Popular Front Headquarters, New Delhi.