“Save the Republic”: Popular Front announces campaign for the protection of democracy

Press Release | New Delhi- 21 January 2022

With the 73rd Republic Day around the corner, Popular Front of India National Executive Council (NEC) has announced the launch of a new campaign called “Save the Republic” urging the people of the country to come forward for the protection of democracy in the country.

A statement issued by the NEC said that dangers to our democracy have become clearly visible when the country is about to celebrate its 75 years of Independence.

“Current regime is using draconian laws extensively to suppress protests and political opposition. From 2019, there is a 75% rise in the use of UAPA. This is a new threat to the republic, besides poverty, poor health care, low literacy rate, castes and communalism, social and economic inequality, said the statement.  The media has been cowed down and made to behave as per directives from the Deep State. Meanwhile, communal hate has reached an unprecedented level and public calls for ethnic cleansing of religious minorities are becoming normalised. The response to these threats from traditional parties is weak-willed.”

The NEC also pointed out that only the people can save the republic through concrete efforts to fight autocracy and to protect the constitution and democratic institutions.

 The campaign will be inaugurated at the public programme to be held at Kanyakumari, following which rallies, marches, mass conferences and other programmes will be held across the country. The campaign, which will last from 26 January to 15 August, is one of the longest in the history of the organization so far.

Director Media and PRPopular Front Headquarters, New Delhi