Save India Day: A protest held in front of Mecca Masjid

Tuesday, August 10th, 2010
Hyderabad: A group of local people conducted protest in front of Mecca Masjid gate, against Fascist Terrorism Under the banner of Popular Front of India, as it observed 9th August , 2010 as “SAVE INDAI DAY” with the slogan of “Fight Fascism Defeat Terrorism”.

Save India: Protest in front of Mecca Masjid

A peaceful protest began at 9 a.m. before a masjid committee member and a local leader force the mob to move from the place. They were carrying placards which show RSS as a terrorist group, as it proved in recent investigations.
Later protesters went to District Collector’s Office to submit memorandum demanding to hand over all blasts, in which Muslim youths were portrayed as terrorists, in to CBI inquiry.
Save India: protest in front of Mecca Masjid

A little feared atmosphere was created by local leaders and police as a Bonal Festival procession was
organized by Hindu Political outfits on the same day.

Save India: protest in front of Mecca Masjid
Later ACP arrived to the place to control the situation & instructed the cops on duty to co-operate
with protesters.

Save India: protest in front of Mecca Masjid
Ram Mohan Rao (ACP Central zone), J.Venkat Reddy (Inspector Police Hussainalam P.S), Malla Reddy (Inspector Police ABIDS P.S) and Mr.Gulzar(Hyd. D.C) appreciated the Local people who came forward for a national cause.

Save India: protest in front of Mecca Masjid
A bomb blast had taken place in macca Masjid on 18 may 2007 and had left 14 people dead and more than 50 people injured. 5 people had lost their life in police firing when they clashed with police after the blast.

Save India: protest in front of Mecca Masjid
Earlier police, Intelligence agencies and Media had blamed Muslim organizations for the blast and some Muslim youths were subjected to police torture in the name of inquiry. But after investigation of Maleganve blast by Hemanth Karkare, it was exposed that Hindutva outfits were behind Mecca Masjid blast.

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