Save India Day: Popular Front conducts protest in Mangalore

Monday, August 9th, 2010
Mangalore: Popular Front of India, Dakshin Kannada Unit, conducted protest rally and mass public meet as it decided to observe August 9, 2010 as Save India Day with the slogan of Fight Fascism Defeat Terrorism in nation wide to expose fascist terrorism, at Mangalore.

Razaq kemmara inaugurated the rally
Razaq kemmara inaugurated the rally

A rally, which was inaugurated by Razaq Kemmara, state committee member of Popular Front, taken out from Jyothi to State Bank, in front of District Commissioner’s office, there protesters gathered.

Save India: rally in Mangalore
Inaugurating the rally Razaq Kemmara said stringent operation, which was carried by Tehalqa has proven hindutva outfits like RSS and Bajarangdal behind many of blasts in the country. He added that we have to fight against these elements to preserve democratic values of the country.

Save india: Rally in Mangalore
Speaking to gathering chief guest Pattabhirama Somayaji said that R.S.S has spreading myths about its participation in Freedom struggle, In the matter of fact it had no role in freedom struggle.

Save India; Rally in Mangalore
He criticized that Sangh Parivar demolished Babri Masjid to divide the country in the name of religion.

He said Sangh Parivar is not only enemies of Muslims and Christians; it also doesn’t like progress of downtrodden in Hindu community.

Save India: Rally in Mangalore
He said, their so called Guruji Golvalkar had written in his book that; “we have to learn lesson from Hittler, who had driven away jews from Germeny. Muslims and Christians should leave the country or live in third standard”.

Save India; Mass Public Meet
He said that now it has proven that no one can hide his crimes for more time with Tehalqa exposing terrorism of Hindutva outfits which was carrying bomb blasts in the country under the pretext of Muslim terrorism.

He also criticized some media which was yelling about Muslim terrorism when bomb blasts had occurred in the country and now hiding reports of Hindutva terrorists.

Save India; Mass Public Meet
Ilyas thumbe in his presidential speech said that his organization has been observing August 9, 2010 as Save India Day in all over the country to expose Fascist terrorism.

He said that when bomb blasts were taken place in the country innocent Muslim youths had become scapegoats. But when the name of RSS came to the light behind bomb blasts some media are trying to hide the report.

Karnataka State president Ellyas Thumbe
He also demanded government to hand over all bomb blasts to CBI for reinvestigation.

He criticized that police even don’t allow Popular Front to celebrate Independence Day, but they permit terrorist organizations like RSS and Bajarag Dal to conduct trainings with destructive weapons like pistols and Guns.

Save India: chief guest Pattabhiram Somayaji
Muhammad Kakkinje was also present at the dais. Imtiyaz Thumbe, district secretary of Popular Front made introductory speech and welcomed gathering while Navaz Ullal delivered vote of thanks.

Ultimately a memorandum was submitted to Prime Minister through deputy commissioner.



Date: 9TH August, 2010.

To: The Honorable Prime Minister of India,

Govt. Of India


(Through the Deputy Commissioner of Dakshina Kannada District, Karnataka)

Respected Sir,

Sub: Memorandum demanding stringent action against Hindutva Fascist Organization which are emerging as being responsible for bomb blasts and violence in the country and demanding the central government to entrust CBI to investigate all bomb blasts.

This day, 9th August 2010, our organization is observing as “Save India Day” throughout the country. We are declaring on this day to dedicate ourselves to save our country from the evil clutches of Hindutva Fascist extremists who have conducted several bomb blasts in the country killing hundreds of innocent people and injuring many more. On this occasion we have conducted a massive protest in front of the DC Office of DK District of Karnataka State and submitted this memorandum to you through the honorable Dy. Commissioner.

In the last few years, hundreds of people have been killed and thousands more wounded in several bomb blasts, across the country. Hindutva terrorists have made well planned efforts to disturb communal harmony in the country through explosions in Samjautha Express, Makka Masjid, Ajmeer Dargah, Nanded, Kanpur, Modasa, Malegaon, Goa, Hubli, etc. Immediately after every such incident the media, police and intelligence agencies had termed the explosions as the act of terrorist outfits from the Muslim community. Consequently, several members from the Muslim community were “picked up” and “framed”. Honest and upright police officers like the late Mr. Hemanth Karkare, was extremely close to exposing the real culprits behind all such heinous acts of terrorism, when he was martyred and silenced.

It is now re-surfacing that investigation by the CBI and by some national media houses that Hindutva terrorist outfits like “Abhinav Bharath”, “Sanathan Sanstha”, VHP, “Sri Ram Sene”, RSS and many such others are behind these bomb incidents.

Though few Hindutva extremists have been arrested and investigated in this connection, there are many more still at large. Stringent inquiry should be conducted against such anti-nationals whose names are surfacing as suspects in these bomb blasts. Some have even conspired as far as the assassination of the Vice President Mr. Hamid Ansari and others. It is also noteworthy that the names of a few army officers are also evolving as being part of the conspiracy.

Major Prayag Modak, Colonel Raikar, Colonel Hasmukh Patel, Colonel Lajpath Prajwal, Major Nithin Joshi, Hormone expert of Apollo Hospital R.P.Singh, Former MP of BJP B.L.Sharma, RSS leaders Indresh Kumar, Shyam Apte, pontiff of Shabari Ashram Gujrath – Swamy Aseemanand, etc., are some of the names revealed recently in connection with these bomb explosions. The Government and its investigation agencies have to answer why these extremists have not been arrested and investigated?

We, as a movement representing a large section of the society, demand the following –

1. The Government of India should entrust the investigation of all bomb blasts to honest and wise officers in CBI and expose the real terrorist forces behind such anti-national acts.

2. The Central Government should order searches in all the hideouts, ashrams, training centers and offices of Abhinav Bharath, Sanathan Sanstha, Sri Ram Sene, RSS and other Sangh Parivar organizations which have beyond doubt emerged as nothing but terrorist outfits and seize their the destructive weapons and intercept all their future plans to spread mayhem in the country.

3. The Central Government should ban these organizations and should announce attachment of all the assets of these outfits.

4. The Government should release all the innocent Muslims who have been arrested in the cases of above explosions and should give necessary compensations.

5. The Government should keep a close monitor to search out those people in the army, police and other security agencies who are parenting Hindutva Fascist activities and should take very stringent action against them.

6. The Central Government should order the media to publish a detailed report of Hindutva Terrorist activities behind those bomb explosions so that common people are made aware about such outfits.

We hope you will look into the above demands and take suitable steps in this connection in the interest, integrity and welfare of our nation.

“Let us fight Fascism

Let us defeat terrorism”

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

Popular Front of India

D.K. District


Copy to: 1. Honorable President, Govt. of India, New Delhi.

2. Honorable Home Minister, Govt. of India, New Delhi.

3. Honorable Minister for Information and Broadcasting, Govt. of India, New Delhi.

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