“Save India Day for expose fascist terrorism”

Thursday, August 12th, 2010
Mangalore: “Today is 9th August; in the year of 1942 we Indians had organized Quit India Movement to drive out British from the country. Today we are organizing Save India Movement nationwide to expose Fascist terrorism” said M.F.Kaleem, district president of Popular Front of India, Mysore who was speaking to a protest conducted by his organization as part of its Save India Day campaign, at Meelad Bagh, Mysore on 9 august 2010.

Save India Day: demonstration in Mysore
He also demanded CBI probe into all encounter cases and Bomb Blasts adding that, String operation by media has been proved involvement of Sangh Parivar leaders in bomb blasts.

protest against Fascist terrorism
He also recalled Hemant Karkare, who exposed hindutva terrorism first, saying that we need police officers like him.

Speaking to gathering chief guest shivanna said “we have gathered here to save India from Sangh Parivar, corruption, Injustice and Criminals like Pramod Muthalik, chief of Shriramsena.

Save India Day: protest in Mysore
He also alleged that BJP is supporting terrorism.

Azam Pasha was also present at the dais. Abdul Aziz welcomed gathering while Mohammad Idrees coordinated the program.

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