Popular Front Inaugurates Sarva Shiksha Gram in rural Bihar

Popular Front of India Vice Chairman Oma Salam inaugurates Sarva Shiksha Gram (SSG) in Rani Patra village, Chitoria Panchayat, Mansahi today afternoon as part of Popular Front nationwide Education Programme ‘School Chalo’. In his inaugural speech OMA Salam stressed the importance of Educating each and every child in our village till they complete 10th standard.

Moulana Kaleemullah Rashadi, Zonal President, East Zone inaugurates SSG in Bandh Tola village, Chitoria Panchayat, Mansahi block of Katihar earlier in the morning. Moulana Kaleemullah Rashadi emphasized the importance of utilizing the community center to bring change in the society by educational activities in the village.

Neeraj Yadav, MLA, Barari assembly constituency inaugurates Bansgada Village, Balsa Govindpur Panchayat, Barari block, Katihar district today morning. MLA offered his full support for the SSG to achieve 100% school enrolment.

Sarva Shiksha Gram project is to ensure 100% school enrolment, 0% dropout and help every child in selected village complete education till 10th standard.
This project has been successfully implemented by the organisation since last one decade in different states. As per statistical data, nearly 60% of pupils in India don’t complete primary education, whereas 90% of them drop out at different stages of school education. A large number of children from villages and urban slums, not all get enrolled in school. Popular Front holds the two months long School Chalo campaign prior to school opening time every year with activities such as household literacy and education survey, motivating children and parents to enroll in school, identifying dropouts and helping in re-admission etc. As usual, along with awareness programmes, school kits containing study material will be distributed to poor students in this year also. This campaign will be during Jan-Feb in East and North-East states and during April-May in other states. As follow-up activities throughout the year, some selected most backward villages will be sponsored as Sarva Shiksha Gram (SSG) and Remedial Tuition Centres will be opened there. Popular Front of India has created a special fund called EDUCARE FUND for this project and requests generous contributions from the public for this humanitarian cause.

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