Nation-wide protest against Citizenship Amendment Act: Demands end to police brutalities in BJP ruled states; Seeks immediate Supreme Court intervention

More and more people are joining the ongoing protests against Citizenship Amendment Act day by day in all parts of country. The people are expressing their opposition through various modes of protest against this unconstitutional act. It is learned that the huge masses participating in street protests and their leaders are taking every care to cooperate with authorities in maintaining law and order. Hence these democratic agitations are peaceful in all states with exception of some states that are under BJP government. The onus of turning the agitations violent is only on the respective state governments because no untoward incidents are being reported from non-BJP states, though the protests are equally strong there also.
The reports flowing in from different BJP ruled states show that they have decided to suppress the peaceful agitations by use of brutal police force. In many states an atmosphere of terror is created, curfew is imposed, raids are conducted and local leaders and activists are taken into custody. The police in collusion with infiltrated RSS-BJP agents are creating provocations, beating the protesters without reason and even resorting to indiscriminate firing on the mobs. The uniformly violent approach of the BJP state governments in suppressing the democratic struggle points to the fact that they are implementing the decision of the Modi-Shah Government and the RSS-BJP leadership.
While what happens in the national capital is well highlighted, many brutal incidents in different states are not reaching media because of information blockade there. More reports of unreported police violence are coming from states likes Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka and Assam through various sources. At least 12 deaths in police firing have come to light so far. We have information that at least 9 people in Meerut and 12 people in Kanpur are severely injured in firing. Contrary to the official denial of any police firing, there are such reports from more places. In Bijnore alone about 400 people were arrested. In Meerut 24 activists are in police custody for days. There are reports of police crackdown and mass arrests from cities like Lucknow and Banaras also. Unlike other places those who are taken into custody while protesting are not released later. In some places Hindutva communal goons also roam free with police targeting minorities. Thus Uttar Pradesh is converted into a police state by the Yogi Adityanath government.
In Karnataka the police crossed all limits and fired at peaceful protesters causing 2 deaths and injury to many people in Mangalore. There the police have taken hundreds of Muslim youth to illegal custody out of political vengeance. In Assam also activists and leaders belonging to Muslims community are particularly targetted by police though the lead role in agitation is not played by Assamese ethnic groups.
We condemn all repressive measures by the BJP central and state governments that are undemocratic, unlawful and unconstitutional. Let them remember that people’s voices for the protection of citizenship rights cannot be curtailed by any such moves as it is the response of the nation, irrespective of other differences, against the divisive agenda of RSS and BJP.
In this situation we demand the following:
1. At this time when people’s unrest and opposition is at an unprecedented level, the Supreme Court of India and respective High Courts, instead of clinching to technical and procedural matters, should fulfil their constitutional obligation by effective and immediate intervention.
2. The central and state governments run by BJP must urgently stop all forms of repression including police brutalities, withdraw all false cases, release all detained persons and stop obstructing democratic protests against CAA and NRC.
3. As it is better late than never, the BJP government by realising their folly has to abandon the new Citizenship Amendment Act and withdraw their plan to implement nationwide NRC.
4. Finally we call upon all civil society groups that lead these agitations and all citizens who are in the forefront to take every care to see that they are peaceful and not turning violent either due to hyper emotions or by purposeful infiltrations.

Participants in the press conference:

1. Dr. Tasleem Ahmed Rahmani ( National Secretary, SDPI)
2. Birju Naik lok (Raj sangathan)
3. SQR ILYAS (National President, Welfare Party of India)
4. A. S. Ismail ( President, Popular Front of India North Zone)
5. Prakash rao,( spoke person, communist ghadar party of india)
6. MS Sucharita, (Member, AIC )
7. Bhanu Partap Singh (National President, Rashtriy Janhit Sangharash Party)
8. Ateekur Rahman ( National treasurer, Campus Front of India)