Extra judicial killings never acceptable, not a solution to atrocities on women :Popular Front

Popular Front National General Secretary M Muhammad Ali Jinnah, in a statement, has questioned the encounter killings of the rape accused in Telangana.

Nation is deeply saddened by the news of the brutal rape and murder of the young veterinarian in Hyderabad last week. There cannot be two sides that the culprits must be brought to justice as per law. The incident should also be an eye-opener for both the government and the society at large to the pathetic state prevailing in the country with rewards to the security of women. We join the grief of the family and friends of the victim.

Meanwhile, the way Telangana police dealt with the four accused arrested in connection with the incident is shocking. The police shot all the four dead, allegedly to prevent their attempt to escape from the custody. Not only that the official version is seriously flawed, but no enough questions are being asked about the police story. It is noteworthy here that Telangana police have a track record of orchestrating fake encounters. Popular Front has always been of the view that extra judicial killings or punishments should never be tolerated by a democratic society. Killing the accused without due process of law is not the solution to the problems of women but a dangerous problem in and of itself. This incident should be viewed as an unholy attempt to gain acceptability to police excesses using the peculiar emotional atmosphere and popular outrage generated by a gruesome crime. Popular Front demand a thorough investigation into the incident and bring out the truth of the killings.

We are also outraged to hear death of another woman, a 23-year-old rape survivor, in a highly infortunate circumstance. She was attacked and set on fire by criminals including the rapist in Unnao, Uttar Pradesh. The level of cruelty committed to the girl is beyond comprehension. We extend our deep condolences to her family. Popular Front condemns the rape and the attack demand that culprits be brought to justice.