Andhra Pradesh Massive Protests against discrimination

Kurnool, 22nd Nov’ 2013 Popular Front of India has organised a massive protest today in Kurnool at 10:30 a.m in front of the District Collector office against the Political & Police discrimination towards Muslims & other downtrodden Communities.

Hundreds of Popular Front Cadres and no of Rights & Social activists associated with different organizations have participated in the protest . The gathering was addressed by Popular Front A.P State President Mufti Abdus Subhan &Vice President Mr.D.S.Habibullah.

These Leaders Strongly condemn the discrimination of Police department & the Political Leaders in power towards Muslims, other downtrodden and their organisations. After the Demonstration a memorandum was forwarded to the Chief Minister through the Kurnool District Collector Mr.C.Sudarshan Reddy.

Memorandum to Hon’ble Chief Minister

From SHAIK ABDUS SUBHAN,State President, Popular Front of India, A.P

To Sri. Nallari Kiran Kumar Reddy Garu, Hon’ble Chief Minister & Minister of Home Affairs, Government of Andhra Pradesh, HYDERABAD.


Sub: – Memorandum submitted through Mr.C.Sudarshan Reddy, District Collector, Kurnool-on behalf of Popular Front of India, a social organization – working to uplift & empower the Minorities and the other downtrodden communities in India – Ruling Political leaders & Police department are showing discrimination towards us in A.P – Stopping us to raise voice for our rights – denying permissions for public programs – booking false cases – Request to do justice – Regarding.

I submit that Popular Front of India is a neo social organization working for the empowerment of the Minorities & the other down trodden communities in this nation. We struggle in democratic manner to get the fundamental rights, raise voice against the exploitation of human rights & against the injustice. We strive to develop the above mentioned communities through various service activities in the fields of Education, Self Employment, and Health Promotion etc. with regular campaigns.

In this state of Andhra Pradesh the work of the organization start in the year 2009. Since then we have done various service activities including the massive flood relief work in the flood affected areas in Kurnool district. We organize large public meetings in which thousands of peoples from the marginalized sections had participated for demanding their constitutional rights such as Political Representation, Reservation in Employment & Education and Social Justice etc.

But since the year 2011 the police department with the influence of local political leaders started denying us permissions for protests, rallies & public meetings etc. in almost all the state when we approach them for that purpose.

Even the Hyderabad City Police had denied permission & forcefully cancelled our program when we made all arrangements to hold a public meeting in ‘Khilwath Ground’ near Charminar at Hyderabad on 2nd October’ 2011. Not only denied permissions but when we start conducting public programs internally in Function Halls & in private grounds, the police started booking false cases, made propaganda of being the terrorist organization through media, started harassing the members associated with the organization by different means.

When we approach the Police department & ask them the reason for suppressing a social organization which is working in democratic manner. Simply their answer is that there is a pressure from the higher authorities to suppress the activities of the organization.

Our leaders were arrested in several instances in Kurnool, Nellore & Hyderabad districts on the basis of false allegations. Recently the Kurnool district police had arrested one of the State Executive Council Member of our organization Mr. Hassan Shaik on 10th November’ 2013 in a running bus without reason when he was returning from Anantapur. Though we have approached several times the higher authorities of Police department starting from district Superintendants to the City Police Commissioners, Additional DGP’s & previous DGP’s, but even till date we have not got the answer for the police discrimination against us.

I would like to question you that being a social organization representing the Minorities, don’t we have the democratic right to struggle for equal rights & social justice. In this regard we had organized a ‘Get Together’ of the rights activists on 19th Nov’ 2013 in Kurnool City to raise voice against the political & police discrimination towards Muslims and the other down trodden communities. The program was attended by the social & right activists associated with the following organizations: Udyog Kranthi, Jana Vignana Vedika, Budaga Jangala Youth & Students Sangam, Campus Front of India, Budakhangam, Jamat-e Islami Hind, All India Imams Council, Safa Baitul Maal, Kurnool Zakath &Charitable Trust, Noble Services society, Postal Department Union, Kurnool Muslim JAC, Samachara Hakku Prachara Vedika, Poura Hakkula Sangam, Islamic Message & Guidance Centre (IMGC), Progressive Organisation of Peoples and Social Democratic Party of India.

The organizers & the participants of the ‘Get-Together’ unanimously pass the following resolutions:


  1. Organizing Protests, Demonstrations, Rallies and Public Meetings in democratic manner is the constitutional right of all the citizens & associations in India. Hence Police must not deny permissions to conduct these activities to the organizations belonging to Muslims & the other down trodden communities on silly reasons.
  2. In view of their political future, Political Leaders are afraid of the emergence of awareness of rights among the Muslims & the other down trodden communities. The political leaders in power are using the police department as a tool to suppress the awareness & empowerment of these sections brought by the social & rights organizations and the sincere political thinkers. These political leaders must not forget that the general public has a strongest weapon in the form of ‘Vote’, through which they will learn a lesson to them in the forthcoming Assembly & Lok Sabha Elections. We demand the general public to show their power of VOTE.
  3.  Police Department is directly targeting Popular Front of India, the neo social organization through false propaganda, baseless allegations of terrorism and by booking false cases against the leaders & activists of the organization. The Police department must stop all sorts of discriminations against the organization & must lift all the false cases booked against them.
  4. 4. The political leaders in power & the police department must strive hard to promote communal harmony by showing equality towards all the sections of the society. They must concentrate to maintain law & order and take strict measures to suppress the growth of the communal & fascist organizations. Today we have organized a massive protest against ‘Political & Police discrimination towards Muslims & the other down trodden’ in front of the Kurnool District Collector Office in which hundreds of Popular Front Cadres & rights and social activists belonging to different organizations have participated.


Hence on behalf of Popular Front of India I humbly request you to kindly intervene in the matter immediately and fulfill our following


  1.  Stop the discrimination of the police department against Muslims, other down trodden & their organizations,
  2. Create an environment of freedom for Popular Front of India to run routine organizational activities for the empowerment of the marginalized sections,
  3. Instruct the Police Department to immediately lift all the fake cases booked against the leaders & associates of Popular Front of India,
  4. Give strict instructions to the Political leaders in power & the police department to show equality & do justice towards the people belonging to all the communities. 

This will strengthen communal harmony in our State. I submit that if we are guilty of any anti social or anti national activities, we are ready to face legal action. But without any genuine reasons we are suffering a lot.

Please kindly consider our demands, do justice with the Muslims and the other down trodden communities.

Thanking You Sir. Sincerely Yours, [SHAIK ABDUS SUBHAN] 

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