Popular Front condemns Patna blasts, calls for impartial investigation

New Delhi 28/10/2013 Press Release

Popular Front of India Chairman K M Shareef in a statement released today strongly condemned the serial blasts took place at Gandhi Maidan in Patna where Narendra Modi was to address his Hunkar rally. He called on the Bihar state government for an impartial investigation to expose the real hands that played behind the incident.
Whichever be the group that has planned and executed these blasts, they do not serve the interests of our nation and its people. It can only weaken the election prospects of secular forces and political interests of backward minority classes.The present incident is suggestive of its political impact where BJP and Modi happen to be the only beneficiaries.

He added that unfortunately, as usual, a section our mainstream media jumps into own conclusions without waiting for the details of investigation. Some stories went to the extent of connecting the blasts with Muzaffarnagar riots without producing any proof. He warned that such simplified assumptions instead of helping fair investigation will lead to communal polarization.

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