Congress is advancing the agenda of BJP: Popular Front

Press Release New Delhi 10/26/2013

Popular Front of India chairman K. M. Shareef in a statement issued here today said that the allegation made by Mr. Rahul Gandhi in a public meeting linking Muzaffarnagar riot victims to Pak intelligence agency ISI is immature, superfluous and irresponsible.

He added: “It is evident that Rahul Gandhi has only joined the bandwagon of playing cheap politics upon the unfortunate events happened in Muzaffarnagar with little concern for the consequences.

His statements comes at a time when various minority groups are working hard to provide humanitarian help and to restore peace and harmony in the affected regions.

These are not the words the displaced victims expect from a prominent leader of the Congress party. Such severe remarks will only help to create an atmosphere of suspicion against Muslims who have already lost their dear ones in the riots and further worsen the situation in Muzaffarnagar.”

K. M. Shareef warned that such statements by the top party leaders would only harm the secular credential of the Congress Party and adversely affects its prospects in forthcoming elections.

By trying to overtake Hindutva communal forces in the fake exercise of linking Muslims with Pakistan agencies, Congress leaders are in fact strengthening their political opponent BJP. It is in effect not Congress against BJP, but Congress against Congress.

K. M. Shareef demanded Mr. Rahul Gandhi to clear the misconceptions created by his emotional public statement either by its withdrawal with an apology or by revealing the details and initiating legal proceedings against the accused, in case he has ample evidences to substantiate his stand.

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