Popular Front forms Legal Aid Team for Muzaffarnagar Riot victims

7/10/13 Press Release
Muzaffarnagar: A meeting by a group of advocates, held at Muzaffarnagar under the supervision of Popular Front of India, has decided to provide necessary legal assistance to the victims of Muzaffarnagar riots to fight their cases for free.
Adv. KP Muhammad Shareef Legal Adviser of Popular Front, who presided the meeting said that the riots which took many innocent lives and left many thousand hapless, was a big blow on the secular face of the country. Any failure to render justice to these victims will cause them to lose their faith in our Judicial System which is last source of hope left. So it is important that they are given justice along with relief.

This Muzaffarnagar Legal Aid Committee formed here will study and observe FIRs. The committee demanded the implementation of Communal Violence Bill and wowed to continue their fight until all the victims are given justice.

The committee include Chairman Adv. Saghir Ahmad Saghar, Joint-Chairmen Md Azam Samshi and chaudhary nawab ali ,Conveners Ikram Raj and Sajid Rana, and members Mazahir Hassan, Shehzad Ahmad Siddiqui, Nayeem Akhter Siddiqui, Aqleem Ahmed, Haider Mehndi Zaidi, Saleem Ahmed, Aas Mohammed, Md. Sarfaraz Ahmed, Zulfiquar Ali

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