Popular Front distributes scholarship to Muslim poor students of Manipur

Imphal: Popular Front of India , Manipur State, distributed scholarship to students at a function organized at Lilong Higher Secondary Madrasa, in Lilong, Manipur, on September 30, 2013.

The function was graced by President of Jamiat-ut-Ulema Manipur Alhaj Sayeed Ahmed, Chief Executive Officer of Wakf Board, Manipur Md. Nizamuddin, Assistant Professor of Lilong Haoreibi College Dr. Syed Ahmed, President of Popular Front, Manipur State, Mohd. Khalid Rashadi and General Secretary of Popular Front, Manipur State, Arif Khan. Large number of students, Muslim leaders and members of the organization attended the function.
Addressing the key-note address, Arif Khan highlighted some of the programmes that Popular Front had initiated for the educational empowerment of the Muslims.
He said that Popular Front takes up many programmes for the promotion of education among the Muslims. School Chalo Campaign is one of the most important programme of Popular Front which aims to ensure that all the boys and girls get enrolled and sustained at primary and secondary education. We have also introduced Sarva Shiksha Gram, a new project which adopts poor villages to ensure that all children in the age-group of 6-14 get elementary education. Besides, the front also gives educational guidance and counseling centre in villages. The front has also started motivational classes for school students. Scholarship programme provides financial assistance to the meritorious students from poor families to pursue higher studies. Our scholarship scheme provide scholarship to the Muslim students to pursue higher education. We have included the children of Alims in the scholarship programme.”

“Popular Front believes that empowerment of the India can be achieved only through total empowerment of all the marginalized sections of the society,” Arif added.
“The rate of enrolment of Muslim students for higher education in Manipur is very low compared to other communities. The drop-out rate of Muslim students is still very high. Majority of the Muslim girl students drop out before completing school education. Very few Muslim girls get college or university education. Poor economy of the Muslims is one of the most important factors for their low educational status. Considering the facts we had introduced the scholarship programme in Manipur,” said Khalid Rashadi.
The speakers at the function lauded the initiative taken up by Popular Front to promote education of the Muslims.

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