Shinde’s letter to states to stop the arrest of innocent Muslims a step in right direction: Popular Front

Press Release Date: 01-10-2013
New Delhi: Popular Front of India has welcomed the directions given to the states by Sushil Kumar Shinde, the Home Minister of India to stop arrest of innocent Muslim youths. The harassment of Muslim youths by the police and other security agencies has become issue of national debate and protest and the Home Minister is to be congratulated for taking the first step towards the redress of a patent injustice.

Popular Front of India shares its concern over the plight of thousands of the incarcerated Muslim youths. It has been found that Muslim youths jailed for years were found to be completely innocent and released. But they had lost precious years of their life without compensation or rehabilitation.

In a memorandum submitted to the Home Minister by the General Secretary of the organization Mr. OM Abdul Salam, urged the government to ensure that these directions are implemented in a true spirit. It has been observed that in the past good decisions of the government concerning such issues were never implanted in good spirit. The organization urged the Home Ministry to take immediate steps to release the victims on bail and to give exemplary punishment to the delinquent police personnel while providing adequate compensation to the victims.

O M Abdul Salam also reminded the Home Minister that it is the presence of draconian laws that gives an excuse to the police to cook up false cases against the innocents and repeal of such provisions will only help the people in the long run. Mere sops would only help the government to tide over temporary electoral difficulties.
He offered all support to the Government for the steps taken towards the empowerment of the marginalized communities in India.

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