Popular Front Relief distribution in Thirteen Villages of Muzaffarnagar

Muzaffarnagar: The distribution of relief materials by Popular Front of India to the victims of Muzaffarnagar riots with a simple function held at thirteen villages shahpur,kabeerpur, tbhedi,bhaanheda,looe,veshani, sonata, jasoi, bhudana,husainpur, Naagla,jola and todha of Muzaffarnagar district. The get-together was attended by large numbers of riot victims sheltered in the village and local community leaders besides leaders and relief volunteers of Popular Front.

Popular Front state president Waseem Ahmed told in press release the primary task to be fulfilled by the civil society is to rebuild the lost confidence and sense of security among the victims and facilitate their safe rehabilitation. He promised that Popular Front being an organization which is in the forefront of people’s rights for justice, is determined to extend all possible support in the legal fight until every single victim of this riot is delivered due justice that Indian constitution assures to its citizens. He also stressed the need for building trust and harmony between different communities.

Moulana Zulfikaar Ali qasmi , the national National Vice Prsident of All India Imams Council delivered the key note address on the occasion. Moulana Zulfikaar told the victims neither lose their confidence nor get disappointment and advised them to start rebuilding their lives. He also congratulated Popular Front and their determined volunteers who took up this noble mission.

Relief kits containing 2 blankets, a bucket and a set of household items were distributed to 3000 refugee families in the Muzaffarnagar district . During this week Popular Front plans to complete the first Phase of distributing relief kits to 3000 families sheltered in different camps and houses in villages. Popular Front has set up three different working groups to attend to different tasks: Relief Distribution Team, Village Survey Team and Legal Aid Team. Along with distribution relief materials, collecting details of the riot-affected people and identifying the requirements of legal assistance are also being attended by the volunteers.

Waseem Ahmed

State President

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