Popular Front of India stages protest demo against the threat of US attack at Jama Masjid, Delhi

New Delhi: Activists of Popular Front of India staged a protest demo at Jama Masjid Delhi to oppose US plans to attack Syria on the pretext that the regime had used chemical weapons to attack the rebels.They also raised slogans against the continued repression by the army of the democratic forces in Egypt.

In a press release K M Shareef, the Chairman of Popular Front of India said that the hypocrisy of US President Barrack Obama was glaringly evident in the moral indignation expressed by him at the use of gas in killing women and children in Syria.

World cannot forget the fact that US had encouraged and supported Iraq when it used chemical weapons during the Iran-Iraq war funded by the enemies of Islamic revolution.

The Obama administration has already killed more people in Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia and Yemen than what George Bush had done. Such hypocrisy is to be exposed and fought off by freedom loving people, the statement continued.

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