Food Security Bill is a welcome initiative: Popular Front of India

Press Release 3 September 2013
New Delhi: the National Executive Council of The Popular Front of India welcomed the government initiative to legislate food security to all people of the country. The bill envisaged assured distribution of food grain to the poor and the under privileged and signalled the government’s engagement with the basic problems of hunger and malnutrition, observed NEC in a resolution passed by it. That India’s business elite is unhappy with the bill itself is a strong indication that the bill is going to help the poor and takes a major part of govt revenues for welfare of the people. However NEC warned that there are neo- liberal warriors lurking in the various ministries to use the new dispensation to dismantle the existing Public Distribution System which though flawed has kept away hunger from hundreds of thousands of people.
In another resolution the NEC said that the sudden crash of Indian rupee is a result of neo-liberal economic policies of the Central Government. Ministers and economists enchanted by the capitalist model of development based on the inflow of fickle international finance capital have presented fanciful stories of growth rate and rise in GDP to fool the countrymen. The country has also fallen behind in manufacturing which has contributed to depletion of our reserves. Using the traditional market economy gimmicks to save the rupee would only worsen the situation.

In another resolution the National Executive Council expressed deep concern over the increasing number of communal incidents in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar Madhya Pradesh etc and said that north Indian states are going back to the 50s and 60s when anti-Muslim organizations were enjoying the political fruits of institutionalized riot mechanism. NEC also welcomed Uttar Pradesh govt’s ban on Hindu outfit VHP’s “Yatra” and the arrest of VHP leaders who tried destroy the religious harmony of the state.

In another resolution, NEC dubbed the institution of a study panel to review the progress of implementation of Rajinder Sachar Committee Report insincere and part of a political game. Had the UPA been sincere they would have tried to uplift the Muslim community to a substantial level. It also pointed out that Muslim community is wise enough not to be fooled by such political chicanery.

Popular Front Chairman KM Shareef presided over the two-day National Executing Council meeting which started on 31st Aug. OMA Salam General Secretary of Popular Front presented the report. Vice Chairman Prof. P Koya, National Executive Council members Mohammed Ali Jinnah (Secretary), Elyas Mohammed (Secretary), Mohammed Shahabudheen (Treasurer), EM Abdurahman, Anis Ahmed, Hamid Mohammed, Mohammed Roshan, Usman Baig etc, participated in the meeting.

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