Egypt Solidarity Day: Hundreds of people line up in support of Democracy; Condemn military regime

New Delhi: On August 30, On the Egypt Solidarity Day, declared by Popular Front of India as day of support for Egyptian people’s struggle for democracy, hundreds of people from various parts of Delhi lined up to human chain expressing their solidarity to pro-democracy movement. The day was being observed nationwide by Popular Front.
The program was inaugurated by Popular Front Chairman KM Shareef. He said that when two years ago Arab spring started, the world was looking hopefully at the transformation Egypt was undergoing, inspiring a wind of democratic change in entire Middle East. This followed the election of Mr. Mohammed Morsy, the first democratically elected ruler in the history of Egypt and Arab World. There started the conspiracy against Egyptian democracy by enemies both within and foreign. America, Israel and Arab dictators all helped Egyptian army to set up the coup as became evident from latter incidents. Will this coup end just taking power from Morsy to Al Sisi? No, this coup will take Egypt back to same dark days of Mubarak from which Egyptians have been struggling to get rid. Egyptian media created favorable ground for the coup portraying pro-democracy activists as terrorists. Arab dictators and elites feel threatened by people’s cry for democracy because once people are given power to vote none of these dictators will be in power any more. Army committed inhuman crimes, thousands were killed, women and children were gunned down for supporting democracy. Egyptian people’s spirit never dies. The blood they shed will not be in vain. The struggle will continue until democracy is absolutely restored.

Popular Front has always supported all movements for democracy anywhere in the world. This is a call for democracy in a democracy, we, people of India, express our solidarity with people of Egypt in their fight.

Popular Front Vice chairman Prof. P Koya, former Chairman EM Abdurrahman, General Secretary OMA Salam, veteran Journalist Ahmed Kasmi, All India Imams’ Council National Presisdent Moulana Usman Baig and hundreds of people including religious political and social leaders, human right activists participated in the program. A large number of women also participated. The protesters carried placards and raised slogans demanding to reinstate Morsi and army to go back to barracks.

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