Popular front to conduct Egypt Solidarity Day on 30th August 2013

Popular Front of India will be organizing a nation wide campaign ” Egypt Solidarity day” on 30th of August 2013 to protest against the atrocities of the Military backed rulers and to support the voices of democracy. The people of Egypt, the most populous Arab country had fought hard to become a democratic country. The Arab spring was like a ray of hope not just for Egypt but for the entire Arab world.

The coup plotted by the Army was a planned attempt to de-rail the democratic process in Egypt. We have seen that after Egypt similar incident are coming up in Tunisia to topple the elected government. A clear chain is visible in the incidents happening in various Arab countries and the real intention behind this conspiracy is becoming clear. The western powers that attacked and destroyed countries like Afghanistan and Iraq in the name of democracy are now silent in the case of Egypt and also never denounced this act of the Military as a coup. The US has continued to send billion of dollars as aid to the Military rulers. The US-Israel attempt to destabilize the Arab world and prevent them from becoming a powerful and sovereign democracy also cannot be denied.
In this context Popular Front of India will conduct a nation wide protest programme on 30th August to demand the Indian government to scrap all diplomatic ties with the Military Regime of Egypt and put pressure on the Egyptian regime to restore Mr. Mohammed Morsi as the President of Egypt. As the largest democracy the Indian Government must also take up this case to the International Criminal Court to have the Egyptian army and its puppet regime rulers punished for the killing of innocent protesters. A March to the Egypt embassy will also be conducted in New Delhi to conclude the campaign. We urge all the democracy loving citizens and organizations to join hand with Popular Front and show solidarity with the people of Egypt.

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