Ban on Independence day celebrations at Tamilnadu and Pondichery

Tirunelveli: While the whole nation celebrated 67 th Independence day with festive mood on August 15, 2013, an uneasy calm gripped in many places of Tamilnadu, especially for muslims, on hearing the news from the police department, literally, ” A ban on Independence day celebrations” on the same day. Independence day celebrations turned violent in Pondichery union territory due to police harrassments.

In Tamilnadu State President of Popular Front of India, A,S. Ismail was expected to address in a public meeting organised at Kadayanallur on the Independence day. But unfortunately Police denied permission to conduct public meet on the same day 15 August 2013 and gave a strange suggestions to celebrate Independence day on either 14 or 16 which created controversies and furore among the people.

Few determined cadres decided to protest the decision of the government and attempted to conduct Public meeting on the same day were arrested and kept in a Marriage Hall. Those who were arrested including State President A.S.Ismail, District President Syed Ibrahim Usmani, District Secretary Lukmanul Hakeem, Division President Kadir Ali and Mohamed Gani, District Secretary were among the notable leaders. They all were released later.

Popular Front of India believes that commemorating the sacrifices of our forefather’s freedom struggle and reviving their spirit of total independence from the onslaughts of foreign forces, must be celebrated by the masses and It should not be confined to a mere ritual ceremony of certain government offices. Thus Popular front decides to reachout people on the same day of Aug 15 to revive the spirit and to preserve the freedom and its values.

Series of Protest demonstrations and arrests are going on at various places accross Tamilnadu and Pondichery to condemn the ban on Independence day celebrations.

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