Popular Front Protest against inhuman killings of Demonstrators in Egypt

Hyderabad: Popular Front of India today organized protests in different parts of Andhra Pradesh against the inhuman killings of hundreds of demonstrators in Egypt who were protesting against the ouster of the first democratically elected President of Egypt Mr. Mohammed Morsi. Through this protest we appealed the United Nations & the central Government of India to take measures for restoring democracy in Egypt and to ouster the Military rulers.

Later memorandums were submitted through the local administrative officers to the honorable Prime Minister of India.

Through this memorandum we remind him that India is a country which lead the Non Aligned Movement and always stands with and support the other nations of the world especially the Arab world , where prevailed injustice & violation of Human rights through colonial & imperialistic forces or through Military rulers.

We appeal him to continue this rich cultural heritage and tradition of our nation and once again lead this movement to strive for establishing peace & justice in the world.

We made following demands to the central government through memorandum:

1. Intervene in the matter of Egypt through diplomatic talks and stop the Military supported rulers of Egypt from human killings of the protestors who demonstrate against the ouster of Mohammed Morsi, the first democratically elected President of Egypt.

2. Call the ambassador of Egypt to the P.M.O & agitate against these inhuman killings and send him back to Egypt until the process of restoration of democracy completes in that country.

3. Exert Pressure on Military supported rulers of Egypt to release all the political prisoners including Mr. Mohammed Morsi.

4. Use the diplomatic relations with the nations of the country, exert pressure on the United Nations Organization and strive hard to ouster the Military rule & to restore democracy in Egypt.

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