Scrap diplomatic ties with the Egyptian military regime: Popular Front

Press Release 19-Aug-2013
New Delhi: Popular Front of India strongly condemns the brutal suppression of protesters by the Egyptian interim government. The killing of hundreds of protesters is most shocking and shameful in the history of humanity. The interim government which is an illegitimate government setup by the military after toppling the democratically elected government of Mr. Mohammed Morsi has crossed all limits to save its illegal rule.

It is also very unfortunate that the United Nations and the western countries who claim to be the defenders of Democracy are only playing word games. This indeed proves the hypocrisy of these western governments and leaders. Such an attitude by the world powers has provided complete immunity and freedom for the Egyptian military generals to carry on the barbaric killings. This attempt to crush the voices of democracy in Egypt will ultimately also derail the democratic process in other Arab countries. India being the biggest democracy should play a more proactive role in defending democracy and democratic rights around the world. India also being a friendly nation of Egypt must intervene in this issue.

Popular Front of India demands the UPA Government to scrap all diplomatic ties with military controlled Egyptian government and order the Egyptian ambassador to leave India. Such a stand by a great democratic country like India will definitely help the cause of democracy in Egypt.

Popular Front of India conducted nationwide protests against the brutal killings of innocent protesters by the Egyptian government on last Sunday and they will be continued during this week.

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