Popular Front of India welcomes the departure of JD (U) from NDA

Press Release 19 June 2013 OMA Salam Gen Secy
Nitish KumarCalicut: The National Executive Council of the Popular Front of India welcomed the departure of JD (U) from National Democratic Alliance and observed that it was a good riddance to a divisive political formation. The NDA has played a highly sectarian role in the country’s politics and used disunity and disharmony for political gains. It indirectly helped the rise of communal terrorist outfits responsible for serial bomb blasts in the country. Controlled by RSS, the alliance also used draconian laws to terrorize Muslims and other marginalized sections. The unholy nexus developed between Indian ruling class and Zionist forces is also the result of many anti-people policies of the coalition.
The NEC also welcomes the efforts of the non-Congress non-BJP political leaders to form a federal front to fight the next general election. It reflects the urge of the people to have adequate political representation at the national level which alone will address the different developmental needs of the provinces. It also marks the end of all India political dispensations. The council also expressed hope that other progressive political parties would come forward to midwife the birth of the front giving up their dogmatic political ambitions.

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