Popular Front demands to step up relief work in Uttarakhand

Press Release 23 June 2013 / New Delhi
Popular Front of India has demanded the Central Government to step up relief and rescue operations in Uttarakhand which is under the grip of the biggest natural calamity in the recent years. The grim situation of many thousand people including pilgrims remains stranded without food and shelter must evoke national conscience. With predictions about the chances of rains to resume, maximum number of choppers is to be engaged for effective calamity management.
It is the need of the hour that all social and non-governmental organisations come forward to take part in emergency relief and rehabilitation works. Along with government agencies, the corporate companies also have the responsibility to earmark a portion of their profit for Uttarakhand flood victims.

Popular Front general secretary O M A Salam pointed out that it must act as an eye opener for us because the indiscriminate assault on nature to satisfy human greed is also responsible for such incidents of natural fury.